by Ylja

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Commotion is Ylja's sophomore album. Released in Iceland on November 6th of 2014.
Recordings took place in Studio Skúlagata with engineer Gunnar Örn Tynes, except for ‘Sem betur fer’, ‘Commotion’ & ‘Fall’ that were recorded in Studio Paradis with engineer Ásmundur Jóhannsson


released November 6, 2014

Ylja are:
Bjartey Sveinsdóttir – guitar / vocals
Guðný Gígja Skjaldardóttir – guitar / vocals
Örn Eldjárn – guitar / vocals
Magnús Örn Magnússon – drums and percussion
Ingibjörg Elsa Turchi – bass

Other musicians:
Guðmundur Óskar Guðmundsson – bass in ‘Sem betur fer’, ‘Commotion’ & ‘Fall’
Tómas Jónsson – piano in ‘Sem betur fer’, ‘Commotion’ & ‘Fall’
Shahzad Ismaily – multiple instruments

Produced by Ylja & Shahzad Ismaily

Album Art / Album Cover
Photography: Saga Sig
Graphic design: Frosti Gnarr

Mixed by Addi 800
Mastered by Mandy Parnell



all rights reserved


Ylja Reykjavik, Iceland

Ylja was formed in 2008 by guitarists/singers Gígja Skjaldardóttir and Bjartey Sveinsdóttir in Reykjavík, Iceland. With a common passion for vocal harmonies and love for the acoustic guitar, the two friends embarked on a musical journey – always trying to expand and broaden their sense for creativity.

Other members are Valgarð Hrafnsson (bass), Maggi Magg (drums) and Örn Eldjárn (electric guitar)
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Track Name: Sem Betur Fer
Í rökkrinu
ráfar lítið sálartetur,
sem getur...
fallið í fótspor, lífsins sólseturs,
það getur

Sem betur fer

Fer vökull
vákurinn áfram og þegir,
en teygir...
væng’út breytt, vonarneistarnir fleygir
Hann teygir

Sem betur fer

Við næturhúm
nálgast löngum dimmum stundum,
við undum...
Í grafarþögn glæstar vonir okkar bundum,
við fundum

Sem betur fer

Fer leiða sinna,
brátt mun finna

Fer áfram
sínar leiðir
væng’út breiðir
Track Name: Shadows
Bird of passage
where are you know?
Bird of passage,
I don’t know how...
you settle down
without a place to call home
You can’t see what you are,
who you are – shadows

Bird of passage
where are you now?
Bird of passage,
I wonder how...
you get around
without touching ground
The wind’s darkest secrets
you hold on too proud

My days get colder,
your world ever green
There’s something more
than eyes can see
The simplest mind
is the most free
Bird of passage
with you I could flee

If I could fly, I would fly high...
Track Name: Commotion
The growing wind is blowing,
wrestles in daybreak
The mind is open, knowing,
countless steps to take

The wind it howls, its showing
thoughts that make you blind
of knowing where you’re going
Never to rewind

Leave the bag...

The rising gale is flowing,
chapters to be read
The bright young mind growing
White blank page ahead...

Soaring in the sky’s commotion
Floating on the deepest ocean
Track Name: Helen of Troy
I searched...
found you and simply drowned
Loved and wicked but calmly sound
Was lost and exposed, an open sea
Anchored to you, but truly free

I listened…
could hear confused and crowded
man made noise, my heart shrouded
“love is for the wicked my dear...
might be best to wait another year”

Our love won't rest...
I found you at last

I searched and...
Was lost and exposed, an open sea
Anchored to you, but truly free

Seeking for a gentle heart
A single sacrifice
Burst myself apart
like crystals...
raining down from the sky
Waiting patiently I...

Our love won't rest...
I found you at last
Track Name: Hlaðseyri
Walking up the hill above
The roots are made of stone
Climbing rocks, bruising off
Guts are made of bones

Treasure hunting in the sun,
running on bare feet
Children’s laughter, having fun
Wildly planting seeds

Oh, brother, hold my hand
Oh, sister, help me understand

Oh, mother see what I have found,
so soft and full of fear
Now I'm walking round and round
The river fills with tears

Oh, father tell me where to find
this little birdie’s nest
Oh, father tell me, be so kind
Help him to get rest

Oh brother, hold my hand
Oh, sister, help me understand
Oh, mother, hold my hand
Oh, father, hold my hand
Track Name: Komdu Nær
Taktu í mina hönd,
hleyptu mér nær

Taktfast í myrkrinu,
hlaupum við yfir hraunið.
Taktfast í myrkrinu,
hlaupum við...

Djúpt niðrá botni,
ljósin lýsa
Blindar mína sýn

Komdu nær
Komdu nær

Djúpt niðrá botni.

Komdu nær
Track Name: Fall
Clouds in the sky, floating by
No longer dry
Windows cry, worms are climbing high
No longer shy

Sun hiding out, out of sight
No longer bright
Birds in a fight, flying in the night
Feather so light

Sky high
Dry night
Slowly leaves they fall

Time flies,
before my eyes
Forest that once stood tall
Track Name: Light As A Stone
Dreamer, dreamer
Dreamer, dreamer
The sky has taken you far

Can you relate, what’s real and what’s fake?
Repeating mistakes
All the worries in a bowl, full of stones
Never know, when to let go,
when to let go...

You are a sculpture,
graved into stone
Your fate has been decided
by the heartbeat in your motions
Breaking out...

Push the limit,
bend the rules,
let love in
Push the limit,
bend the rules
Live it/Give in…

Follow it

You are a soldier,
graved into stone
Your fate has been decided
by the heartbeat in your emotions
Breaking out...

Push the limit,
bend the rules,
let love in
Love it/Live it/Give in...
Track Name: Dim
In the silence, I reap
Haven’t bathed, I reek
It’s misery I seek
Joy is filthy and bleak

I will follow you

Come down here for a bit
Love is a shameless pit
Fading and hard to keep
Fading and hard to keep lit

I will follow you
I will follow
Will fall